Visual Storytelling by Justin G.L. Dumlao

First generation Filipino-American, born just north of Manhattan in the Hudson Valley, New York; Justin knew early on that his identity was composed of two very different cultures. 

From the moment a 35mm camera was placed in his hands at the young age of 5 during his first overseas trip to the Philippines, he began developing and capturing a diverse worldview; looking through a lens of Western and Eastern identities.  Back home in N.Y., traditional, yet open-minded and adventurous, college-educated parents encouraged Justin's early interests in music and the arts, and an Uncle working on movie sets as a Best Boy Grip out in L.A., would inspire dreams of being able to somehow work on movies one day, himself.  It wasn't until college at Drexel University in 2003, while majoring in Marketing & Advertising, that exposure to student filmmaking and the world of post-production would pique Justin's interest in video editing.

The idea of an artistic career remained on the back-burner for the time being, however, and Justin would utilize his degree at Ogilvy & Mather New York, entering the advertising agency world in early 2009 as a Search Engine Optimizer for his sole client, IBM.  It wasn't until the passing of his father later that same year, at the young age of 54, did Justin begin to take the steps to push past fears and start planning to manifest a career in post-production in 2011. 

Today, with 6 years of professional experience as an Assistant Editor and Editor, Justin continues to seek out the experiences, situations, and projects that support diversity, unity, sustainability, life, and love while utilizing film and photography as his tools for service and Self-Realization.